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We provide a wide variety of inhouse services.


Our commitment to our industry has made us a leader in high tech digital scanning and printing. We have acquired the finest equipment and the latest software to provide you with high quality and fast service. We have invested in the best training for our staff to insure you will receive the best this technology has to offer. No matter what kind of digital camera or file you have or whether you need film, prints, slides, or artwork scanned, we have the service that fits your needs. The only limit is your imagination.


Restoration and Alteration

$45.00 / hour


Digital Output


Simple Scan & Print




Reprint or Wide format Price

Adding text

$10.00 per order same text

Text configuration

$20.00 per size


Prints from customer's files if all are printed - Fresh roll price

Prints from selected files - Reprint price

Simple scans and prints will be archived for 30 days.

Customer files can be burned to a CD (see cut negs. slides, print to CD price


Digital Input


Scan to CD


$8.00 + 1st scan

+$1.00 for additional scans

Develop print + scan to CD

$10.95 (+ fresh roll price)

Develop only + scan to CD

$12.95 (+ dev. only price)

Customer provided CD

$5.00 (+ dev and/or print price

Additional rolls to same CD

$2.00 per roll

Cut negs, slides, prints to CD

$8.00 + 1 image

$1.00 for each additional image


File Conversion

PC to Mac / Mac to PC

$1.00 per image


Media Recovery 

Up to 128MB


256MB or more




Digital Services

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Poster & Collage Prints

Locket Prints


35mm/120Color Film Processing

Black & White Film Processing

APS Film Processing

110 & 126 Film Processing

Slide Processing

Video Transfer


Digital Video Services

Digital MEDIA Recovery

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Quality Plus Photo Design Center is a unique, modern photo and gifting center located in Palos Heights. For 34 years we have focused on personal customer service.



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